Staff development day 5th Sept 08

5 09 2008

Today we began the day with our KLA Coordinators sharing some of their initiatives in raising the bar with HSC students.

Simon Abernethy pointed out in the introduction that we really need to start earlier on with Year 7. Our endeavor to improve learning and teaching needs be implemented across the board.

Here are what some of our KLA Coordinators said

(feel free to add a comment if your KLA was missed)

PDHPE: Memorising syllabus points, peer marking

HSIE : Peer marking, focus on handwriting, mind mapping, exemplar responses from student answers are typed up and shared with the group

Science: Linking first hand investigations to content( Prac and theory link). ESSA has been a good tool to track students. Staff have been given earlier results to keep an eye on student progress.

Encourage students to use a variety of study sources. ” Success One: HSC book is purchased for the students.

Senior Science have smaller groups which gives teachers more time to analyze results and feedback to students.

Encourage use of online resources and create opportunities to “Meet the Markers”.

Mathematics: A considerable amount of time is used to look at past questions. Exposure to a variety of exam questions. Time is spent with students at looking at how marks are awarded and what is expected from the examiners.

Mathematics has begun using a tracking system based on marks from yr 7 onwards. This creates the opportunity for teachers to approach students who are not performing as expected.

During the next lot of Holidays teachers will hold tutorials based on student nominations ie weakness areas.

Religious Education:

Time spent on past papers syllabus outlines and notes from the marking centre.

There has been a suggestion to introduce oral presentations.




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