Examination week

23 09 2008

Not sure which forum this should go to, and as well as that, I wonder if
anyone else has had experiences to share with the way this 2 week exam
block has gone so I thought I’d put it out there and see what happens. If
I was technical maybe I could do a blog!
I’m sure there will be reasons I am unaware why it ran like it did but
here are some of my experiences:

We have lost a lot of lesson time (which most faculty can’t afford to
lose) replaced with supervised study that I do not believe a lot of
students are capable of using properly. Most days I have heard stories to
support this.
Many students have had 4 study periods in the morning everyday before an
afternoon exam (often one of the SC subjects) – a time of fatigue for
students!! Not sure even staff could perform well under these conditions.
Doing home study may benefit those who are motivated and have parents that
can drive them around at their beck and call.

Alternatives from some staff:
Could subjects do their exams in doubles, even in venues like PA, Bros
house etc to mimic exam settings?
Could a Mon/Wed exam day be used for the SC subjects in week 9 before the
Yr 12 events? The other subjects been done in class time.
Could study seminars be run in study time blocks to assist students who do
not have support/skills cope with their study?

There is probably more but hopefully it could be a point at a KLA meting,
a staff meeting etc so people can share their experiences/ ideas???

Cheers, Carol




One response

25 09 2008

I agree with Carol and Nathan. I think it is a pretty tough ask to expect that. All study skill information will state that you should have regular breaks and that it isn’t useful to sit there in silence without moving for a couple of hours at a time. At the very least we should be giving them a break in the middle of the study periods to move around, get a drink, have a chat whatever for 5 minutes. I also think we can’t hope to get the best out of our students by doing an exam in the afternoon after four periods of study. It is a mind drain. I also have a year 10 homeroom and students have voiced there concern and stress about this. Just my opinion

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