Murdoch- School’s a disgrace

24 11 2008

Recently, Rupert Murdoch made a bold statement which may have resonated with more people than we think.

The article in the SMH focussed on two groups,the underprivileged and the gifted and talented.

Mr Murdoch said  that schools and school systems must stop making excuses for failing the children they are meant to serve, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. On the other end of the spectrum, Mr Murdoch emphasised that our High- achieving students were not doing well enough against their counterparts in other countries.

This is sadly the case in Australia today and when the world greatest entrepreneur along with our deputy prime minister are both in agreement, one can hardly argue the case.

So what do we do? Drive a nation wide Literacy and Numeracy campaign? is the this the answer?

While Literacy and Numeracy are “up there” in the essentials for learning, I can’t help feeling that we are still missing the point. Perhaps if we throw all our eggs into this basket, then all our students will hear is the sound of breaking egg shells, most falling upon deaf ears of those who are disengaged and disinterested.

The article raises another interesting option of including corporations in a partnership with our schools. Ms Gillard agreed with Mr Murdoch’s suggestion Australian businesses must take an active role in the reform process, saying she would like to see all major corporations enter a relationship with schools.

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John Coppola




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