Learning & Teaching Committee – High expectations

4 12 2008

From the members of the Learning & Teaching Committee 2008

At our recent meetings we have formulated the goal
“Raising the standard of Learning and Teaching in the School Community”
In conjunction with the Diocesan Learning & Teaching Framework we have determined a number of priorities for Magdalene which will be done over the next couple of years.
The one with highest priority is


We would like to collect information about the current state of this across faculties. Comments are welcome here or could you please download this document,  make brief notes and return to John Tannous’ pigeonhole as soon as possible.
Thankyou for your time!

1.    Teachers know the standard of quality and quantity of work they expect from their students
(Further explanation     – What does your staff do to achieve this?
– How do students know what staff expectations are?
– How do parents know what we expect from their children?

2.    How are these expectations articulated to students?

3.    For students who fall short of the standard of quality and quantity, what follow up do teachers implement?


Update Click here for some of the feedback received.




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