The world of a child-(meaning and relevance)

31 03 2009

I was watching my 11 month girl crawl this morning. Eventually she found herself inside the pantry of our kitchen. I decided to follow her in and sit down inside with her.

For a moment my perception had changed. I was living the beautiful moment of an inquisitive new learner.

Together we explored potato cupboards, recycling bins, plasic bags and torches. My little one had to taste everything just to get to know the item a little more. I supervised and made sure she didn’t go into areas she shouldn’t and showed her a few tricks like how to turn on the torch.

What a beautiful teaching moment!!

It was this experience which made me think of how complicated I have made my teaching practice over the years. It made me ask the question….just how much of my classroom is real or relevant?

Over the years, some how, I have created inefficient  layers over what was once an exciting and creative craft.

Yes I have also gained some wisdom and experience but lets face it, many of us  put on some unnecessary weight in the midlife of our teaching.

Time to shed some weight!!

Yes ,we are all called to be accountable.

Yes,we are all called deliver government agendas,church teachings, head office agendas and school policies.

But it is our priority and responsibility to keep the classroom real and meaningful.

John Coppola