The Effects of Technology on Reading Performance in the Middle-School

24 05 2009




This article reports the results of a meta-analysis of 20 research articles containing 89 effect sizes related to the use of digital tools and learning environments to enhance literacy acquisition. Results (weighted effect size of 0.489) demonstrate that technology can have a positive effect on reading comprehension, but little research has focused on the effect of technology on metacognitive, affective, and dispositional outcomes. The study concludes  that although there is reason to be optimistic about using technology in middle-school literacy programs, there is also reason to encourage the research community to redouble its emphasis on digital learning environments for students in this age range and to broaden the scope of the interventions and outcomes they study.

There has been much discussion about this and I am sure there will continue to be much debate in the next five years.

The question we should be asking is, how well do you teach our 21st century students?

Perhaps a question for some of our resisters could be, how long can you hold back the tide?

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One response

26 05 2009

The success of the use of technology to me comes down to why it is used and how it is used (I base this on my own experiences, both good and poor!!). The classroom teachers role is critical and while I think integrating ICT has great potential in improving student learning outcomes it can also be ineffective as outlined in the south park clip below.

To me the biggest benefit or working to integrate ICT into my classes is that it has made me really think about what I am trying to achieve with the students and has made me question all of the teaching methods and tools I currently use.

I hope this is not happening in too many of my classes!!

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