Children failing at schools but in reality is it the schools that are failing children?

7 06 2009


I have been following Sir Ken Robinson on “Twitter”.

For those of you who have never heard of the man then get yourself on to one his books or podcasts.

Sir Ken argues that the modern world needs to rethink what we are educating our children for. He points out that a many of our schools are still educating our children for the 19th Century. Sir Ken also highlights the importance of creativity and the fact that our high schools are teaching our students “not to be” creative.

Please do yourself a favour and check this page out. Click on the radio link at the bottom once you have read the page.

Click here to hear Sir Ken Robinson’s Reality Check interview




2 responses

7 06 2009

The link below is also of Ken giving a talk on schools killing creativity. Great video that got me thinking and has received a lot of attention. It is well worth watching also.

7 06 2009

Thanks Brad. I have just inserted your link into the post.

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