Creating a culture of learning

11 11 2009

Can a focus on assessment for learning help change our learning culture and have a significant impact on learning outcomes? Check out the report below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

click the link below to download the article
inside the black box – assessment




2 responses

17 11 2009
nancy russo

Thank you for the Article Brad. I remembered when I first trained, a final year student came in to talk to us second year students asked what we were teaching. The reply we gave was our subject area. He then asked what are you really teaching and finally the response came from the group, “to Teach children how to learn and we were going to do that through our subject area.”
So yes the teacher/ student relationship is the key and together we unlock the mystery. Passion for learning is infectious but passion for standing with the learner and teaching them how to evaluate themselves so they can communicate their need so they can formulate the question that will lead to the learning can start an explosion. of self discovery and direction.


17 11 2009

So true Nancy – I think we need a post written by yourself up here soon!!

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