Professional observations

22 03 2010

Professional observations

Professional observations present a great opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice and talk with other teachers about teaching. While it presents a great professional learning opportunity it also presents some challenges and as a staff it is important we have a chance to voice our concerns and work through any common issues together. The SRI group responsible for implementation have begun the discussion and concerns have been voiced below. Feel free to comment and add any other concerns you feel need to be addressed before implementing our professional observations.

1. Being a good observer and critical friend – we need a common language for observations so that observers are respectful towards their partner but can address any areas they may have questions.
2. Being judged – a common concern may be that we are being judged and our observer will not recognise other teaching styles and strategies.
3. What will this lead to – is this leading into something like performance based pay and what happens with the documents that we develop as part of the observation.
4. What happens to the documentation – Will they be used against us later on? A feeling that if documentation is required then it can be an overview/register and that the rich conversation can be privileged between to pair.
5. Ensuring that the process remains focused around professional learning and not an accountability task / inspection type activity.

Do you have any other concerns or suggestions on how we can make these a worthwhile experience? Feel free to add a comment below.




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